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Doctoral Research

My current doctoral research focuses on geometric constraint inference and telerobotic shared control. More detail can be found at Wisconsin Robotics. Some of my non-research related projects can be found below.

Espresso thermal redesign

Senior Design project focused on budget thermal regulation for residential espresso maker. Designed theoretical finned boiler for optimized heat transfer. Prototyped high-power in-line preheater and PID controller, bringing the operating temperature drop-off of the machine from 19.6F to 4.5F (comparable to a high-end commercial machine). Recipient of the O'Leary Design Award for outstanding contribution in the area of design.



SOAP Protocol over LAN

Prototyped web service communication on LAN based on a raspberry pi invoking a service built on a separate machine. First built a SOAP Java web service in Eclipse EE that records request and uses File IO to store off a TXT log file. Stood up VM Apache Tomcat 8.5 to host service. Developed simple python listener in raspberry pi to look for button input and call SOAP service using suds-jurko.